Que? Alcee ya Hastings’ Dream

…of a chairmanship might be gone, but his law abiding spirit is alive and well in the heart of Dem-o-ville.

Cintas warned against firing immigrant force
A Mississippi Democrat in line to become chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has warned the nation’s largest uniform supplier it faces criminal charges if it follows a White House proposal to recheck workers with mismatched Social Security numbers and fire those who cannot resolve the discrepancy in 60 days.
Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a letter to Cintas Corp. it could be charged with “illegal activities in violation of state and federal law” if any of its 32,000 employees are terminated because they gave incorrect Social Security numbers to be hired.
“I am deeply troubled by Cintas’ recent policy change regarding the Social Security Administration’s ‘no match’ letters,” Mr. Thompson said in the Nov. 2 letter. “It is my understanding that hundreds of Cintas’ immigrant workers have received these letters. I am extremely concerned about any potentially discriminatory actions targeting this community.”

Depends what your Dem-finition of ‘legal’ is, I guess. I feel safer already.
Via Powerline.

One Response to “Que? Alcee ya Hastings’ Dream”

  1. Translation: “I am deeply troubled that Cintas would fire people for providing false information”

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