“Quite Frankly, You Don’t Even Look Like a Soldier…”

“You’re a small little [blank],”

That’s because he wasn’t a soldier, asshole.
He’s a MARINE.
Just like the Assistant State’s Attorney prosecuting your case…

…Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Kelly, (Marine Corps/Vietnam 1969-1972)

…and the judge hearing it.

…Judge O’Malley has also traveled, but in his youth. He was a police officer on the West Side during the riots before law school. And before that, he performed another public service.

Judge O’Malley served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1961-1964.

And, to a one, despite your most outrageous and egregious behavior (which warranted an immediate ass kicking of epic proportions on its own), they’ve been law abiding gentlemen to a fault.
And you still can’t show up to court on time?
Not the sharpest tack in the box, are you, Mr. Grodner? Thank God someone’s out there protecting your right to live your version of “stuck on stupid”.

Your Honor, ADA Kelly, Marines in the courtroom and the deployed Sgt. McNulty?
DAMN, you make me proud. Semper Fi.
And Sgt. McN? Stay safe, Leatherneck. And God speed.

6 Responses to ““Quite Frankly, You Don’t Even Look Like a Soldier…””

  1. Skyler says:

    This is one of those times where I’m glad I was wrong. I thought that no prosecutor would waste his time on this, especially considering that the accused was a lawyer.
    There is still hope for America.
    Excuse me while I go wipe away a tear.
    And kudos to McNulty for not escalating this and for calling the police.

  2. Dave E. says:

    “Judge O’Malley served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1961-1964.”
    Heheh…that karma thing can be a real bitch.

  3. That 1 Guy says:

    That’s beautiful…

  4. Gunslinger says:

    Heh. Groiner is feeling the heat so much he’s hightailing it to France.

    Here’s hoping the puke is greeted by a pack of “Asian youths”.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hehehe, that’s great.

  6. mojo says:

    He should try that line on a Gunny I knew – Hispanic, about 5’6″, and could take you out with one toe while improvising a booby-trap with his left hand.
    Really. The little guy was takin’ down 6’5″ bruisers, no problem.

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