Quote Of The Day

It’s nice to see some class and dignity in sports

“Aggie played so well. That’s why she has had such a great career, and so young,” Williams told the crowd. “You guys should give her another round of applause because she’s amazing and she did an amazing job today.”

–Serena Williams speaking to the crowd after beating Agnieszka Radwanska to win at Wimbledon today

4 Responses to “Quote Of The Day”

  1. Kathy K says:

    Indeed. Grace in winning is far more rare than grace in losing.

    Good for her.

  2. Skyler says:

    Sounds patronizing and insulting to me.

  3. Laura says:

    “..and then she threw her racket at Aggie’s head.”

  4. Greg Newsom says:

    I cannot watch women’s tennis since they’ve all done that taking a sh#T, “HUUh”What’s up with
    that Martina never did it,and she was gay.”HUUHHH” taking a sh#t???

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