Quotes of the Day

On Beirut…

We’re not helping one bit, risking the lives of American Marines serving over there, trying to keep peace, when they’ve got a bunch of jackasses who want to kill each other. I’d get out of there and let them shoot. – Senator Bary Goldwater

…and the Marines…

You would think that over a period of 23 years that the United States military, the memory of the barracks bombing would have faded. It hasn’t.
When Secretary Rice talks about perhaps a peacekeeping force, the first question in a U.S. officer’s mind is, does that mean us? No one in the military wants a replay of 1983.

…in 1983.
From an OUTSTANDING CNN Presents: “Marine Barracks Bombing”. (If you can’t find it re-scheduled, the transcript’s here. )

As soon as we suffer casualties, we will cut and run.
We are a paper tiger.


Oh yeah, we do. And the whole Islamic world knows it. They’re counting on it.

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