“Quoting Me In Context Is Like Crushing The Heads Of Kittens”

Or something like that

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports: Did Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) just compare Republicans to terrorists?

Well, not really. But he did compare negotiating with Republicans to negotiating with terrorists.

At a press conference with fellow Democrats, Menendez lashed out at Republicans for opposing Democratic efforts to extend the Bush tax cuts for the middle class while allowing the tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.

He accused the Republicans of holding middle class tax cuts “hostage” to tax cuts for the wealthy. That’s a common Democratic line, but Menendez took the analogy a step further.

Asked if Democrats have a responsibility to move forward with a bill that can become law – in other words, a bill Republicans will support and not block– here’s what Menendez said:

“Do you allow yourself to be held hostage and get something done for the sake of getting something done, when in fact it might be perverse in its ultimate results? It’s almost like the question of do you negotiate with terrorists.”

(h/t Ace)

They really are unhinged.

If they weren’t completely screwing our country it would be enjoyable to watch.

As Allah points out

One lingering question: If the New Year’s deadline for extending the cuts is what’s creating this terrible “hostage” situation, why didn’t our heavily Democratic majority deal with it earlier this year? And if the answer to that is that those darned Republican terrorists in the Senate would have filibustered, well, we’ll see how much Democrats learn to appreciate “terrorist” tactics when they’re back in the minority come 2013.

Silly Allah, they were busy crafting a prudent budget proposal!

Or not.

2 Responses to ““Quoting Me In Context Is Like Crushing The Heads Of Kittens””

  1. Teresa says:

    I think they were busy trying to get some of them re-elected. If they had tried to get this done earlier in the year, it would have lost them even more seats.

  2. nightfly says:

    “Silly Allah, they were busy crafting a prudent prurient budget proposal!”


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