R. Lee Ermy ~ Still Wearin’ Green

…and whipping Santa’s slackers into fightin’ trim. (Not for tender ears. In any way, shape or form.)

5 Responses to “R. Lee Ermy ~ Still Wearin’ Green”

  1. Skyler says:

    Oh my god that was SO hilarious!

  2. Whoever did it is a genius.

  3. Nightfly says:

    This is ten kinds of genius.
    Are you a misfit?
    Sir, yes Sir!
    I said – ARE YOU A MISFIT?
    Do I have elves in this f’k’n workshop, or a bunch of MISFIT NANCY-ASSED DENTISTS>!> I’ve got you by the JINGLE BELLS you little puke, so DON’T F’K WITH ME! Is that clear?
    I can never watch Rudolph the same way again. My life is sweeter for having seen this.

  4. Makes you wonder if that’s what the elf was really saying all along…until the censor’s dubbers got ahold of the audio.

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