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…and decide for yourself. There are quite a few elements that ring true for me. But I also know families are the fiercest advocates for the accused.
I think the truth is somewhere in between.

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  1. Mike Rentner says:

    I don’t believe a word of any of that garbage. Never in my Marine Corps career have I met any officer that would allow such treatment, let alone the number that would need to be involved in such a conspiracy.

  2. Kit Jarrell says:

    Mike, may I ask why you don’t believe it? As an Air Force vet myself and a Marine’s wife, I had a hard time believing it as well. Sadly, though, I’ve been hearing it from more than just the families. The Marine veterans from the Warrior Fund keep me updated, as they are visiting the brig and going to the hearings, and they have confirmed what this mother alleges. As sick and disgusting as it sounds, these things ARE going on. The NCIS investigators ARE tapping the phones in the brig. They DO go into the cells nearly every day to tell them that they are going to die. They have moved Marines around and told the others that the reason they were moved is because they took a deal or even tried to hurt themselves. They ARE refusing medical care for one of the men who is in need of an MRI for his shoulder. They cut visitation short for no reason, or they simply don’t allow family to see them at all. They tell the parents they cannot bring even a kleenex in, and then tell strangers they can come in with a notepad and take notes on what the family is saying when they visit.
    Even if you believe the men did everything they are accused of (which I do not, based on the evidence that I have seen), they still deserve better than this. Our enemies at Gitmo are treated better.

  3. Mike Rentner says:

    Everyone in jail is innocent, too.
    Remember that a big part of the legal defense strategy for those facing court martial is to play out the case in the public, making outlandish claims and try to force the military to back down. Just because the lawyers and families are making these claims doesn’t make them true. Until I hear some more substantial evidence I will continue to disbelieve any such outlandish statements.

  4. Kit Jarrell says:

    Obviously you are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that. However, the question begs asking in light of your statement: How much “substantial evidence” have you heard proving these men are guilty of the crimes they are accused of?
    Certainly one should not simply believe every word from a defense attorney’s mouth. That being said, the prosecution should be given the same treatment. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, is it not? We have already seen that they are continuing to claim that the man killed was a crippled, old, innocent Iraqi. Yet, the evidence in the public eye disproves that. The prosecution claims that thes men shot this man at close range. Yet, when they took the men out to pick up their brass from the “crime scene,” the casings were 100 meters away from where the prosecution says the man was shot. The “witness” accounts have holes bigger than Texas in them. There are so many problems with this case it’s amazing, and yet it pushes forward.
    As a Marine, I am certain that 90% of the men you know are the best this country has to offer. Does that mean that you have never met an officer who was more interested in his own career than the lives of his men? Have you never known anyone who made a mistake and desperately wanted to cover it up, even at the expense of others? No institution is infallible, and until I see more convincing evidence than what I’ve been shown so far, I will continue to believe these men are innocent.
    Thanks for your service, and for the polite discussion on the matter. I appreciate it.

  5. major dad says:

    Mike I have to disagree, In my career (30 years plus, 14 as enlisted – experience you haven’t had) I have known officers that would let that kind of thing happen, not that I believe the extent of abuse that is being reported in this case. Nobody is more Marine Green than me either. NCIS will use what I would say are non American techniques to get somebody to confess. They suck and are the bottom feeders of law enforcement. The conditions these Marines are in are not that bad. I’ve been in that brig as a visitor but the families are right in their concern. This is a political thing which means the truth may be supressed. Mike do you really think everybody is guilty as charged? If you do I’m sorry. Are most guilty? Hell yes, but not all, just look at all the felons released because of DNA evidence. This case is up for grabs and I don’t know all the facts but I always give the benefit of the doubt to the Marine. If guilty, hammer them.

  6. Mike Rentner says:

    I never said anyone was guilty. I just said that I don’t believe any of what is being claimed here. I’m not even sure I believe that these guys are even in the brig. I’ve seen no proof of that except from sources like this one, which are decidedly biased. So far as I can tell, they’re ordering pizza from the barracks every night.
    I trust the legal system, and I especially trust the UCMJ. Injustices occur, but if they are as horrendous as is claimed here, they will out. Until they out, I will tend to ignore the hyperventillating comments by defense attorneys.

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