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So Long, Me-Maw
In New Orleans, they aren’t shedding a tear over Louisiana Gov. Blanco’s decision not to seek a second term. A letter from the Garden District.
New Orleans, 18 months after Katrina, is still a city of considerable ups and downs. Tuesday was no different; as usual, the bad news came first. The first e-mail I received informed me that a block and a half from our new house, at 1:30 in the afternoon, two hold-ups occurred in less than 10 minutes—and I live in Garden District, still perceived as a “nice” neighborhood, despite the alarming frequency of similar attacks, along with a recent rash of break-ins of both cars and houses (one of them was mine). First, a gunman wielding a “chrome short nose revolver” relieved a sod delivery man of the $30 in his pockets. Next, he snatched a woman’s purse, jumped into an “unknown black vehicle,” and roared away.
As crimes go in the city with by far the highest murder rate in the nation (96 per every 100,000 people in 2006; more than 40 people overall have been killed so far in 2007), these could actually be viewed as good news—nobody was killed or even shot, after all. But the real good news came in my next e-mail: Gov. Kathleen Blanco announced that she would not seek re-election to a second term.

I will admit to a certain, smug, self-satisfied, smirky snickering through the whole rant, because I thought I’d written it for the first minute there. But over a year ago.

That’s me ~ always ahead of trend.

4 Responses to “READ This”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the mugger was a cop before.
    I hate that city.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the a$$, Blanco. Pathetic loser.

  3. ed says:

    And yet Ray Nagin got re-elected.
    Talk about people getting the representation they deserve.

  4. They surely get what they deserve, ed, but we ALL get it in the end. (And I mean that LITERALLY.)

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