Redemption? We Don’t Believe In No Steenkeen Redemption!

If you’re looking for a good round up of the brouhaha about Pope Benedict XVI’s past the ever wonderful Baldilocks is a great place to start.
What amazes me, and saddens me too, about all these christians who have worked themselves up into a lather about his election is that they seem to have forgotten about guys named, oh I dunno, say Augustine and Paul?
It seems to me that these guys were carrying a lot more baggage than ‘ol Ben is.

4 Responses to “Redemption? We Don’t Believe In No Steenkeen Redemption!”

  1. Nightfly says:

    You know how it is, Bings… A rabble-rouser isn’t allowed to repudiate his past. He has to turn raconteur, telling after-dinner stories of hell-raising with a devilish charm (Oh no he didn’t!). He must never decide that he was wrong and actually reform. Then he starts to imagine that he somehow knows better, having been through it all, and then it’s all advice and cautionary tales and he’s no more fun.
    Now watch this drive! (Heheheheh.)

  2. peteb says:

    I pointed people in the direction of the excellent John Fay, of Irish Eagle, who has been posting some superb analysis of the more outlandish claims against Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI.. scroll down to see all his posts.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Thanks pete; that was a very interesting link!
    I love the line “it was almost like Bush had been elected”. heh.

  4. peteb says:

    Yeah. I’m surprised no-one’s demanded a recount. 😉

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