Remember When We Told You You Could No Longer Refer to Them as “Flip” Charts

…because it was “offensive”?

The fish want some of that action, too.

Minnesota Renames ‘Asian Carp’ Because the Name Is Offensive

Minnesota’s governor recently approved a bill to rename a highly invasive species called ”Asian carp” because the name was deemed offensive to the Asian community. The fish, which have been threatening the ecosystem of the Great Lakes, will now be known as “invasive carp.”

Surprisingly, a Democratic doctoral candidate in logic and humanities is at the heart of this paroxysm of piscine pissiness:

…Democratic senator John Hoffman was responsible for sponsoring the bill.

Caucasians brought them to America,” he told the Star Tribune. ”Should we call them ‘Caucasian carp?’ They have names. Let’s call them what they are.”

We have a name for you as well, Senator, but Bingley keeps telling me we’re a ‘family” blog. Or Christians. Or something that impedes my creativeness.

4 Responses to “Remember When We Told You You Could No Longer Refer to Them as “Flip” Charts”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Who would have thought a state settled largely by such sensible people would have turned out to be so utterly crazy?

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Exactly how many people from the Asian continent voted to make this lily white male liberal their spokesman?

  3. Greg Newsom says:

    How about German measles? Or Athletics Foot;since most basketball
    players are black, so you’re saying black athletics cause fungus?
    This 1984 stuff, yes Orwell.

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