Right, Left ~ I Think He Got the Horse Angle

completely wrong.

Hugo Chavez wanted to make a political statement with

his new Venezuelan Chavista Coat of Arms, but the joke turns out to be on Hugo.

“…’A Coat of Arms’ because they are derived from the front painting of a shield are always read from the point of view of the bearer of the shield.
In other words, previously the horse pointed to the left and looked back at the right opposition left behind. Now, the horse is not only pointing to the right, it is galloping frantically away from the left (where Chavez stands politically).”

I say scrap the whole thing, Hugo. Instead, to make it right, may I suggest…
…? It works.
A warm Swill Salute to The Gateway Pundit and Venezuela News and Views.

2 Responses to “Right, Left ~ I Think He Got the Horse Angle”

  1. Dave J says:

    Heraldry geek that I am (or were you unaware of this?), I could’ve told him that. Then again, he always was a sinister kind of guy anyway.

  2. (I was unaware and therefore unworthy of your notice…)
    And I see no bar to account for the sinister in your thinly veiled slap…

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