Romney’s Videos

Oh scandal! Oh shock!

In the context of how the electorate is split, of who he needs to concentrate on to win the election well, no, he doesn’t “need to worry about those people.”


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  1. NJSue says:

    This is the first item on the BBC news website. It’s no different than Obama’s comments at a Dem fundraiser about bitter clingers. However, since the media agreed with Obama, it didn’t receive the same attention.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    I would disagree, Sue, that it IS different. Obama’s was meant as derisive slap at conservatives in general. Romney’s referring to a quantifiable NUMBER and keystone of the Democratic base, one they’re very much looking to “Julia-fy” into expanding with those appeals to paying for birth control, etc.

    This might just solidify “bitter clingers” support, who greatly mistrust Romney’s East Coast moderate ways, but resent like HELL paying for the “Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage” wing of the population’s ride. There were quite a few on Twitter last night and this morning who found Mitt’s refusal to grovel in penance refreshing.

  3. nightfly says:

    As do I, Ms. Sister. Because I do NOT want my government to worry about me. I want to worry about myself and my own. The government has important business to handle, and as long as they’re trying to micromanage 315,000,000 individual lives, they are neglecting the purpose for which we all hired them.

  4. NJSue says:

    I want to clarify that my comment is primarily about media reaction, as if Romney’s comment were the worst thing ever, insulting half the electorate. When Obama essentially insulted half the electorate’s values and beliefs at his own private fundraiser, he got a free pass because his comments echoed media-class prejudices about those backwards, inbred non-metro people. Not one journalist argued that he torpedoed his campaign by his comments.

    I happen to believe that Romney spoke the truth, and, as PJ O’Rourke said, the worst, most cynical thing you can do in politics is tell the truth. We have half the people riding in the cart and the other half pushing. This can’t go on.

  5. JeffS says:

    Fear not, people! We have a highly placed person in the White House, on the record as not being pleased with Obama’s 2008 remarks.

    That person? Jay Carney.

    Oh, the irony, it burns, it burns!

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