Run Away!!

F*ckin’ weasels.

House votes to pull troops out after Iraq report
White House report cites success on 8 goals, failure on 8, mixed effort on 2
Iraq has achieved only spotty military and political progress toward a democratic society, the Bush administration conceded Thursday, an unenthusiastic assessment followed quickly by a House of Representatives vote to withdraw U.S. troops by the spring.
The measure passed 223-201 despite a veto threat from President Bush, who has ruled out any change in war policy before September.
…While Bush announced last winter he was ordering thousands of additional troops to the war zone, the full complement has only arrived in recent weeks. “The full surge in this respect has only just begun,” the report said.

And they only just got there?! And have acomplished almost half of the goals already? Let’s just send a loud and clear to those troops that all that effort makes them losers and those ‘losers’ of ours are gonna have a bullseye on their backs thanks to these weasels. How much harder is their job going to be when the world knows that Congress wants us to start buggering out in four months ~ FOUR months!
Lord. I’m completely revolted.

3 Responses to “Run Away!!”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    This why I think “contempt of Congress” isn’t a crime.

  2. Dave J says:

    223-201…who are the 11 Reps so spineless they didn’t even vote on this?

  3. memomachine says:

    Many Americans, including myself, like to mock the French as “Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys” but the reality is that America has waved the white flag more times in the last 50+ years than the French have.
    And that thought saddens me like you wouldn’t believe.

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