Running as a Democrat From the State of Nebraska

…in a most peculiar fashion: Bob Kerrey.

…He singled out a portion of the plan that says if a company with more than 50 workers stopped offering health coverage it would face a fine of $2,000 per employee.

Questions have been raised about whether companies would stop paying for employees’ insurance and send them to obtain their own coverage from new insurance exchanges.

“I hate the employer mandate,” Kerrey said. “I think it’s going to have a counterproductive impact. We don’t have any (insured employee) that costs us less than $7,000 (a year), and the fine’s $2,000.

We’ll dump ’em off. We won’t call it dumping, we’ll say … ‘Go get it from the exchange.’

He said the employer mandate “will accelerate an already breaking-down employer-based system.” That portion of the law should be repealed, he said.

One Response to “Running as a Democrat From the State of Nebraska”

  1. aelfheld says:

    This is what happens when a Democrat encounters the real world.

    Pity it happens so rarely.

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