Rush Reads Poetry

Okay, okay. It’s, in fact, Professor Jacobson’s magnificent Palin post from the other day. But it’s what he says afterward to the intelligentsia of the Conservative/Republican Party that’s beautiful in its truthiness. Or would be, if only the Krauthammers and Frums listened to people/gave any credence to opinions…which are…how you say…not in their self-designated sphere of pulling aside the heavy oxblood-red velvet curtains, to issue eloquent, mournful opinings and rock-of-ages wisdom to the lesser intellectual refuse of society scattered patiently about the base of their opera carriage. “Caribou? No, I said ‘carry through’. We have spoken ~ all depart.” And the equipage moves smartly away into the night.

Rush doesn’t live there. Neither, I suspect, does 90% of those who voted GOP/Tea Party in the last election.

We can do without witches in 2012, but we could sure use a little intra-conservative “she may be a witch, but she’s OUR witch” sense of unity. How COULD they ~ and I do mean every last conservative/GOP columnist ~ not rise up IMMEDIATELY and give rise to a vociferous, continuous, FEROCIOUS defense? Sarah Palin’s presidential qualifications/aspirations (or lack thereof) aside: can the party withstand it’s own pundits allowing their vested self interest to override truth and decency itself, if it means a potential rival may have her kneecaps bludgeoned as a party to mass murder? How despicable!

And I know Palin just singes the hair on poor Krauthammer’s nose, among others, but, BY GOD. For all that these yammering, cerebral, cultured, white-gloved conservative icons of the upper echelons of the nation’s social strata deride incivility, character assassination and crude discourse?

What happened to Sarah Palin ~ and is still happening ~ IS AN ABOMINATION.

And these “gentlemen” belie the very word.

(Via Instapundit.)

7 Responses to “Rush Reads Poetry”

  1. Jim - PRS says:

    I have never seen another politician (or non-politician, for that matter, short of genuine mass murderers) savaged to the degree that Governor Palin has been. And to think that conservatives are, at best, remaining silent, or, at worst, are agreeing with the massive assault is indeed an abomination.

  2. […] As Mr Bingley says, when it comes to the Left, What happened to Sarah Palin ~ and is still happening ~ IS AN ABOMINATION. […]

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Indeed, THS, they are not gentlemen. At least, the ones that agree. The silent ones, I can’t judge. They may just not want to heap fuel on the bonfire.

    @Jim – PRS. Were you around when Reagan was President? He had much the same problem – the Republican “elite” didn’t like him much more than the Democrats did.

    And, quite frankly, looking on the other side of the fence, Hillary got savaged almost as much from her own side as from the conservative side. Witch? Bitch? Both sides hated Hillary.

    I’m not that fond of her, but I’ll note that I think she would have been a better President than the one we have. She actually likes America, believe it or not.

  4. Paco says:

    Great post, Bingley!

  5. tree hugging sister says:


  6. Paco says:

    Oh, I say! Was that Tree Hugging Sister’s post? Terribly sorry, old girl. I’ll have to go change my post, instanter.

  7. greg newsom says:

    I’ve never understood the left’s hatred of Sarah Palin.
    They despise her for some reason.She’s good looking, all-American,friendly and charismatic.Why the hatred????

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