Russia Halts For The Moment

Medvedev says “Goals attained”

According to a statement, Mr Medvedev told his defence minister and chief of staff that “the goal has been attained”.
“I’ve decided to finish the operation to force the Georgian authorities to peace. The safety of our peacekeeping forces and civilian population has been restored,” he said.

As has the fear of a resurgent Russia amongst European leaders.

5 Responses to “Russia Halts For The Moment”

  1. Ebola says:

    Funny, there’s still reports of bombing and shelling in Gori coming in off the wire. Either Medvedev don’t got no control, yo, or he’s playing the media.

  2. Anybody seen any Code Pinkos around protesting naked aggression and indiscriminate bomging?

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Where are the Human Shieldistas when The World needs them?

  4. There’s GOT to be BUNCHES of John Deeres!

  5. Ebola says:

    Don’t think so mum, from what I read, they’ve been using armored cars to attempt to move tanks off the roads from Gori…not to any result, considering the armored car promptly took to flame. Which, actually makes me wonder about exactly how effective an “armored” car is if all it takes is a little fire to torch it. Someone email the Russians, all they need are torches and pitch forks!

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