Say a Little Prayer

…for a warm.bed They’re opening what shelters they have in AL and MS. We’re going to be in the low 30’s tonight and tomorrow night and they’re forecasting 28º for Friday’s low. There are thousands of Katrina and Rita’s victims ~ those who lost their homes and volunteers still onsite helping, bless their hearts ~ who are sleeping in pop-up and garrison tents. Even on the Rotarian site, it says the priority is “Pakistan”. This may be the “South”, but it gets damn cold here. Damn cold.
When you crank up that thermostat tonight, remember how lucky you are.

3 Responses to “Say a Little Prayer”

  1. Thursday & Turkeys

    Its 30? on our back deck at CrabAppleLane. As noted by ths, it gets pretty cold down here in the South but this is unusually cold for us at this time of year. Patsy is sweeping frozen turkey droppings off of it as I type. Even she, with her animal-lovi…

  2. Rob says:

    It was ICY last night. Probably the second time the weatherman was right this year. A new record.

  3. Yeesh. No ice last night for us, amazingly enough. We’re only about 5 miles (as the biting flies fly) from the Gulf, but must be in a little low spot (not a word, Mr. Summers) because we frost when the rest of Bangla-cola is just really cold.

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