Schmaybe She Needs To “Let’s Move” Off Her Butt…

…and actually do some work in “her” garden

Washington, DC – The first government shutdown in seventeen years has had a dramatic impact on First Lady Michelle Obama’s world-famous Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn, currently bursting with more than thirty kinds of vegetables, including Presidential pumpkins awaiting harvest just in time for Halloween.

In the eleven days since the shutdown began on Oct. 1, the pounds and pounds of ripe organic bounty have gone to waste. The vegetables filling the 1,500 square-foot plot are now rotting away on the vines and in the boxed beds, thanks to the mandate for “minimal maintenance” placed on the skeletal crew of National Park Service gardeners who remain on duty at 1600 Penn.

The gardeners are not allowed to harvest the crops, a White House source told Obama Foodorama. Weeds are springing up everywhere, and the vegetables that have already fallen off the vines are now mouldering on the ground.

Or, perhaps, just perhaps, much like her husband the wonderful ideas and visions she wishes to impose upon us do not of course apply to her

4 Responses to “Schmaybe She Needs To “Let’s Move” Off Her Butt…”

  1. Nobrainer says:

    I, for one, am so happy that my tax dollars are funding her vanity project. And I am thoroughly impressed that the “volunteers” don’t show up when they have jack else to do.

    Although I guess it goes to show that the Michelles of the world, or perhaps the Julias, literally can’t do anything without the federal government doing it for them.

  2. JeffS says:

    Michelle would never dirty her hands doing prole work, especially when there are no cameras aimed at her.

  3. ricki says:

    And Marie Antoinette liked to dress up as a play-shepherdess….

    Maybe some people who run food banks should “break into” the garden and liberate the produce before it totally rots. They’d probably wind up in Secret Service Prison though.

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    Things are hard, Nobrainer.

    And owies hurt!

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