Searching for Answers Friday

Contrary to major dad’s expectations, I’m gonna let my favoritest mayor slide, since he seems not to need my help publicizing his pearls o’ wisdom at the moment. No, I’m gonna stick up for another Democrat ~ yes, I am. Our confusing situation quote of the day…

“The rule requires everybody to file it. The rule doesn’t exclude anyone from filing it,” Reed said.
He said Todd should be punished for not following the rule, because the challenge was filed against her and not against other candidates.

…causing concern that the Democratic Party is seriously off their nut(s). Or worse, the nut(s) are running the Deomocratic Party. Lemme see if I can lay this out for you. Here goes. It’s so twisted, I can’t begin to.

A Democratic Party committee Thursday night disqualified an openly gay candidate for the Alabama Legislature and the woman she defeated in the primary runoff because both women violated a party rule that party officials said no other candidate has obeyed since 1988.

That’s the first part. Now, NO ONE ELSE in any Democratic race in any part of the state of Alabama had followed the rules either. (Got that?) So, HOW did these two particular ladies come to the party’s attention. Welll, the winner, Ms. Todd ~ who is gay and WHITE ~ defeated Ms. Hendricks (who also had not filed said paperwork) ~ who is black ~ by 59 votes in a MAJORITY BLACK district. Ms. Hendricks M-I-L filed a challenge about Ms. Todd’s late filing of paperwork. There has been a great deal of pressure to keep the seat…black.

“Of course if I was black I don’t think they would have contested the election,” Todd said. She blamed the contest on Joe Reed, longtime chairman of the black Democratic caucus, who wrote a letter before the election urging black leaders to support Hendricks because of her race and stressing the need for keeping the seat in black hands.
Segall also alluded to Reed’s influence in his closing statement to the committee.
“This is about race. Folks are upset that a white woman won in a black district. There are some times you just have to say ‘this isn’t right,'” Segal said.
Contacted after the hearing, Reed said he was not responsible for filing the election challenge, but he said he believes Todd should be disqualified for violating the party rule.

Oh, I’ll bet he wasn’t responsible. I’ll have to give the last word to the Gay and Lesbian Victory spokesman.

“Patricia got the most votes in two separate elections — the primary and the runoff — but party bosses didn’t like the outcome, so now they want to simply handpick a candidate. What happened today in Montgomery was unfair, undemocratic, un-American and unwise,” Dison said.

Can’t disagree. And where are the operatives screaming about stolen this and disenfranchised that? Just remember you saw it here because (as deeply BURIED at MSNBC as it was), I don’t think you’ll hear much of it anywhere else.
Damn shame these weren’t Republicans ~ even British papers would have front page fodder then.

2 Responses to “Searching for Answers Friday”

  1. DirtCrashr says:

    Ha-ha! They are so Machiavellian (as long as he’s not an old dead white European, and instead he’s a fresh young Black-Gay Machiavelli-Nagin!).
    Don’t they know that they can just re-district like they do everywhere else, to keep a Black-Seat or even make a Gay-Seat! Whatever dude multiculturaldemocratism rocks! Then they can vote twice and win twice!

  2. Crusader says:

    Vote early and often……

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