Searching for Answers Friday

Is it any wonder that the “meaning of is” hangover from the Clinton is still…hanging around, with prominent Clinton faces in prominent places? Take Dollnna Shalala, president of that bastion of integrity ~ the University of Miami. Oh, boy she’s sticking to her guns. “The buck stops here” and a ripsnorting

But we will not throw any student under the bus for instant restoration of our image or our reputation. I will not hang them in a public square. I will not eliminate their participation at the university. I will not take away their scholarships. . .”

Of course her wealth of experience with miscreants at the highest levels leaves her BLIND to the fact that while SHE might not throw her players under the bus, HER PLAYERS wouldn’t hesitate to throw a body, given a LITERAL bus rumbling down Beach Boulevard.

Saturday’s brawl was the third major on-field incident in Miami’s past seven games.
The Hurricanes took part in a nasty fight with LSU at the end of December’s Peach Bowl that left two Miami players, guard Andrew Bain and receiver Khalil Jones, unconscious.
That was followed Sept. 16 with a near-melee with Louisville players after the Hurricanes stomped on their host’s cardinal logo at midfield following warm-ups.

That’s the problem. They’re goons. They have always been indulged GOONS. The contrast is pretty graphic, too, given…

FIU dismissed two players for good and suspended 16 indefinitely, and when Shalala was asked about the gulf between punishments, she said, “There is no gulf. All of us did essentially the same thing, and that is suspending players and setting a standard in which they fully understand what the standard is.”

Oh, sweet, SWEET baby Jesus. Just Photoshop Bill or HIllary’s head on her stumpy body.

Coker defended the one-game suspension for cornerback Brandon Meriweather, seen stomping on FIU players in video.

Oh, of course he did. Toney private school U of M (and their apologists) will be missing suspended players for?
The game against the ALWAYS DANGEROUS DUKE.
Don’t worry fans. Most everybody‘ll be back for GA Tech the week after that.
Hey! It’s scheduling! Dolla Shalala isn’t like Karl Rove or anything. It just worked out that way.
While I’m piling on… How can a PROFESSIONAL baseball player ~ in a TEAM sport, a LEAGUE PENNANT series and a SHOT at the WORLD SERIES ~ “not be speaking” to his manager?

La Russa explained that he didn’t say anything to Rolen because “the last time I talked to him, it was a worthless exercise.”
La Russa added: “He didn’t want to hear it. He didn’t believe it. He didn’t understand it.”

Tony La Russa has had to watch film to see if Scott Rolen’s shoulder is well enough to be scheduled in the line up.
Did he play baseball at Miami?

7 Responses to “Searching for Answers Friday”

  1. Rob says:

    Rolen and La Russa kissed and made up last night. I think too much was being made of that anyway. No one wants to be benched during the playoffs. The sports media latched onto it and wouldn’t let it go. Unfortunately, I expect to hear it throughout the World Series, too. I’m not too worried about his bad shoulder. However, his good shoulder threw a ball about 12 feet over Pujols head last night. That could have cost them the game. Jeff Suppan, who once again pitched out of his mind, pitched out of that, too. Oh, and one other thing, GOOOOOOOOOO Cards………..

  2. Blech. Act like an adult for Chrissakes. An INCREDIBLY well paid adult. AND, with Rolen ??…
    Lucky thing the Cardinals DON’T HAVE TO PLAY DUKE!

  3. Rob says:

    And expecting incredibly well paid athletes to act like adults??? You want the stars to go with your moon, do ya?

  4. Joke.
    (Literally and figuratively.)

  5. Nightfly says:

    I wouldn’t want to play Duke – they might have players who SWING THE BAT with the pennant-winning run on base in the BOTTOM OF THE NINTH!
    If I had been told beforehand that one Met would totally screw the pooch last night and cost them the pennant, I would have bet the ranch on Oliver Perez. How many guys did they strand last night? Don’t give me Jeff !%&^%# Suppan. I can’t believe they couldn’t hit him. One run against Jeff Suppan. Detroit in five.

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    Emily has the answer to most of our searches.

  7. major dad says:

    Pretty sad when you watch strike three, worse when it’s a hanging curve and worse still when you’re the best player on the team and the bases are full. Must be a voodoo doll dressed like a Met out there with lots of pins in it.

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