Searching for Answers Friday ~ Reflections on Thanksgiving

In spite of all that’s ugly in the world ~ murderous Russians, the Iranians, backstabbing Russians, the Syrians, the flying imams (’cause I can’t say “fuzzy cleric” anymore, that being racist and all), pumpkin murderers, David Blaine, et al, ad nauseum ~ we still have much…MUCH to be thankful for in the little joys of our tiny lives.

And I want to thank That 1 Guy for feeding my filthy habit. He sent this a bit ago, but I wanted the timing to be perfect before I shared. Don’t thank me ~ just revel in the beauty of it.

3 Responses to “Searching for Answers Friday ~ Reflections on Thanksgiving”

  1. Truly it is a Black Friday.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Just what I needed, digital laxative.

  3. That 1 Guy says:

    Sure… throw me under the bus.

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