Sen. Scott Brown Nails It

The dear friend I’m privileged to work for embodies these very traits

Entrepreneurs did ‘build that’

‘You didn’t build that” is the new refrain of the extreme left. The good news is that they are finally revealing how they feel about free enterprise. The bad news, if you run any kind of business, is that they’re talking about you — and it’s their way of saying that government is entitled to more of what you built.

This anti-free enterprise attitude, epitomized by Elizabeth Warren, the liberal Harvard professor who has made it the calling card of her Senate campaign against me, is that every achievement in life is a collective effort. If you started a business and it has any success, “you didn’t build that” — government gets the credit, too. Small-business owners might remember it a little differently, given that most of them worked long hours, risked their savings, took on personal debt and gave up their weekends and vacations to become successful.

…In hard times, more than a few have sacrificed their own paychecks to make sure their workers get theirs.

You know what else I’ve found? These business owners tend to be pretty grateful, too. They’re not the sort to take things for granted. They appreciate their customers. They remember the people who gave them a break or bit of encouragement along the way. They’re glad to have had a chance in life, and they love to provide a chance to someone else.

…If they say they built it by themselves, or made it on their own, they’re only saying that no one worked seven days a week in their place, no one showed up in their place to open the door at 5 a.m. or no one did their planning, working and sweating for them. Is it too much to give them that?

Only the most rigid ideologue would come along and insist that these men and women — the ones who do most of the hiring in America — have failed in some duty to their communities or to their country.

America’s entrepreneurs have built great things on their own. If only leftists like Warren and all Occupy protesters weren’t so wrapped up in taxing and regulating them without end or in denigrating their achievements, these men and women would do even greater things and hire even more workers.

And in this slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression, that would sure be a big break for “the rest of us.”

One Response to “Sen. Scott Brown Nails It”

  1. Greg Newsom says:

    Very basic problem, or issue.You have those in control
    of the US society and government.
    They are all sucking from the public teat.Be it,teachers,Cops,politicans.They feel entitled to be supported. Those not sucking
    from the public teat are being
    manipulated as if they’re
    somehow obliged to jump through hoops to bow down and suck-up to
    these useless pieces of crap.
    But,they have the cops as enforcers to kill you if you
    make a furtive gesture.
    But, these people can’t create will all collapse.They are all sucking from the people who built this nation.But,the inheritance has run out,and the grandchildren are fools.

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