Senate Farce

Well, today we’ll see how the Burris and Franken farces play out in the US Senate, that august body of pure statesmanship.
What a national embarrassment.

11 Responses to “Senate Farce”

  1. Jim - PRS says:

    And the Princess Caroline Circus won’t be all that far behind.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Ha! I’d forgotten about that fun!
    Just like she forgot to vote.

  3. JeffS says:

    Congress is now a circus.
    Or would that be a freak show?

  4. Tainted Bill says:

    In defense of Al Franken, can he really make Capitol Hill any worse than it has been for the last few decades?

  5. Ebola says:

    Honestly Bill, I’ve been thinking “can they make the new gov’t any more of a farce” for the past few weeks. And every week something new pops up to make me realize….yes, yes indeed they can. Always.

  6. nightfly says:

    Considering the money we spend on that humongous day care center, it hardly seems right that the spoiled brats run it. We should put a few responsible adults in charge and make sure that the Congress doesn’t run with scissors or eat paste, much less try to pass any laws.

  7. Frankenfarces
    Sounds vaguely Mel Brooksish…

  8. JeffS says:

    Bill, it seems to be that whenever it appears that Congress has hit rock bottom, they manage to keep on digging.

  9. Gunslinger says:

    Seeing what a bad joke that Congress has become is making me think that a military coup might not be the worst thing that can happen.

  10. Retread says:

    Brit Hume was on Special Report last night and made the point about the first rule of holes: when you’re in one, stop digging. The Dems are slow to learn that, and now I see that Dingy Harry is declaring he doesn’t work for Obama. When they’re not using the shovels, it seems they’re busy using paint brushes.

  11. Dave J says:

    Nevada is the GOP’s best chance of a pickup in 2010. Harry Reid has officially gone off the deep end.

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