Sharp as a Marble’s Robb Needs Suggestions

…on how to find ~ and how not to kill ~ the little bastards who shot out the window GLASS in his ten-month-old baby’s room with a BB gun.
I’ve got a syndrome name for those little sh*theads.

3 Responses to “Sharp as a Marble’s Robb Needs Suggestions”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    No, honestly I think I could lecture those kids so much they’d pray for death.
    I’m out $250 because some little $hit thought it’d be funny to destroy my property. At least my girls are ok, thank God.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yeah, thank god for that, Robb.
    You have to wonder wtf kids think sometimes.
    Of course, as a former kid, I don’t know wtf I was thinking lots of times.

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