She Sounds Like a Girl

…who’s got a good head on her shoulders, bless her heart. I hope she finds the right guy.

“I‘m down-to-earth, I‘m not hard to please, and I like to talk agriculture.”

(Farmers in Enumclaw, WA need not apply.)

3 Responses to “She Sounds Like a Girl”

  1. Nightfly says:

    If Olbermann stuck to this sort of thing and kept his well-coiffed head out of affairs of state, we’d be getting somewhere. Nice report.

  2. Donnah says:

    Isn’t there some famous person from Enumclaw, WA? I’m trying to remember… I graze a lot of biographies.
    Was it Greg Boyington?

  3. Crusader says:

    Donnah, I think you are correct. I think they have a memorial at a park there. Wish I would have had a chance to see it when I was out there, but I was busy chasing wildlife with Bingley….err…um… nevermind…..

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