Shhhh!! We’ya Hunting Wabbits

“My explanation overall is that when you go somewhere and hire a licensed person to take you on a hunt, you assume that they know the laws and that the State of Wisconsin is regulating them,” Sheriff Ron “Elmer Fudd” McNesby said at a hastily called news conference Tuesday. “… I had no intent to violate the rules of Wisconsin. I will challenge the fact that I intentionally did something wrong.”

‘Splain this then, as Escambia County’s top law enforcement official.

Whitehead and McNesby were charged with hunting deer during closed season and hunting deer over bait. McNesby also was charged with hunting without a license, a charge Whitehead avoided because he obtained a license during a trip the year before.

Your average Joe probably would have asked the guy who’s been there before what else you needed OR, considering the 2 minutes it took me and Major Dad to Google WI hunting regulations, you coulda/shoulda done it your ownself. The Dept. of Nat’l Resources page tells you how much and when you got to stop blasting them. (Which was a before you got there, how ’bout them apples?)

“Elmer” McNesby said Tuesday he has expensive hunting licenses from several states and would have gladly purchased one in Wisconsin if Lawinger had not told him it was unnecessary.
“McNesby apologized … for not getting a license to hunt,” according to an affidavit by conservation warden Michael Nice of the Department of Natural Resources. “He said he should have known better.”
And we’re not done yet…
Concerning the bait charge, McNesby said Tuesday that he did not see bait on the snow.
But, according to Nice’s affidavit, McNesby produced pictures from the trip, one of which showed corn in the snow.
“McNesby stated he thought the corn was for bait,” the affidavit states.


2 Responses to “Shhhh!! We’ya Hunting Wabbits

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    “… I had no intent to violate the rules of Wisconsin. I will challenge the fact that I intentionally did something wrong.”

    Is this an acceptable excuse in Escambia County?

  2. Dave J says:

    What a dipshit. I’ve worked with some serious professionals from the Florida Sheriffs Association, but with 67 very widely-differing counties, well, mixed bag would be an understatement.
    For someone whose JOB is supposed to be enforcing the law to hide behind ignorance as a defense (and no, Mr. B, it’s not a legit excuse, in Escambia or any other Florida county) is absolutely fucking disgraceful: it’s tantamount to an admission of gross incompetence. Jeb should suspend this guy immediately, pending his not just being permanently removed by the Senate but also barred from ever holding public office in Florida.

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