Shock and Awe

First that it’s San Francisco. Second that someone there had the guts to do this ~ I mean, how WHACK is this headline?

Calif. Judge Overturns Firearm Sales Ban
A California judge on Monday overturned a voter-approved city law that banned handgun possession and firearm sales, siding with gun owners who said the city did not have the authority to prohibit the weapons.
Judge James Warren sided with the National Rifle Association, which argued that a local government cannot ban weapons because the California Legislature allows their sale and possession.

::SNORT:: We LOVE it!
And Mr. Summers, as always, has some excellent links, it being his neck of the Left Coast.

One Response to “Shock and Awe”

  1. Dave J says:

    California’s state courts are generally surprisingly sane, reasonable and law-abiding. It seems they leave the real whacked-out lunacy to the federal Ninth Circuit.

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