Shocka: Even The AP Says Obama Is…

…well, full of it

WASHINGTON (AP) — Are President Barack Obama’s ideas for job creation really bipartisan as he claims? Not when the means for paying for them are put in the equation.

The president dodged various facts and and left some evidence in the dust in his latest challenge to Republicans to get behind his jobs program or offer a real alternative.

…OBAMA: “The answer we’re getting right now is: Well, we’re going to roll back all these Obama regulations… Does anybody really think that that is going to create jobs right now and meet the challenges of a global economy?”

THE FACTS: Well, yes, some think it will.


One Response to “Shocka: Even The AP Says Obama Is…”

  1. JeffS says:

    Ouch indeed. Too bad President Zero ignores facts when they are inconvenient to his cause, i.e., himself.

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