Shockingly I’m Not At The Mall

I just don’t get this whole Black Friday bit; it’s like the HallMark Holiday of commerce. Why oh Why would I possibly want to leave my nice cozy house, and my nice cozy stupor, to go to a store at midnight?

To shop?

Especially the leaving-the-stupor part is a big turn off.

Oh, and the teensy fact I have to work today also cut in to my stupor time, as well, sadly.

11 Responses to “Shockingly I’m Not At The Mall”

  1. Skyler says:

    I don’t understand why, if it’s so good for business and consumers like the sales too, they describe it as black. Black usually denotes a disaster.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    The “disaster” part comes in with the insane Who-concert-like crowds pushing and shoving everywhere.

    I don’t want to go to a store to get my rugby scrum fix.

  3. kcruella101 says:

    I think the only thing I would get up at 4 am to go buy is medicine for a sick relative

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’d do it for Claude.

    The relatives all can drive themselves.

  5. Bill N says:

    Skyler in old time accounting debits were in red ink and profits were in black ink.
    Most retailers claim that if it were not for Christmas sales they would never get into the black.

  6. AliceH says:

    Back when I had a high-stress, crazy, impossible workload job, Friday after Thanksgiving was my FAVORITE workday of the year. Quiet, no interruptions. No high level bosses = no fire drills. It was a waste of a vacation day to take the day off. Now I’m a contractor, working for the same company, in the same department, with 1/3 the workload and a tenth of the stress. I do believe I’ll just go and take that first nap of the day now… 🙂

  7. JeffS says:

    No malls for me, either. Nor big stores, save Home Depot.

    And at 4 AM? I wake up that early only for battles and beautiful women.

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    I wish I could say that Jeff, but sadly 4 Am is when I wake up for work every day.

  9. JeffS says:

    All the more reason to avoid going to the mall today, Mr. B.

  10. Mr. Bingley says:

    Well, that and a paycheck, Jeff. 🙂

  11. steveham says:

    I wondered, too, why the term “Black” Friday, but thanks to the comment above about the debits and credits, it makes sense to me. Duh! Profits. It’s always about the money, isn’t it?

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