Show Me the Money!

I mean, you know it’s coming. Thank God Mayor Noggin will be safe in Dallas, where they still have a police force.

Bankrupt New Orleans may free prisoners
Hundreds of prisoners in Louisiana may be released or left in limbo awaiting trial because there is no funding for prosecutions.
Eddie Jordan, Orleans parish district-attorney, whose parish was among the hardest hit by Katrina, has been told his office will get no fourth-quarter funding from the city for operating expenses.
Mr Jordan’s office is already struggling to cope with problems that include damaged and waterlogged evidence, missing records and witnesses, defendants who have jumped bond, and destroyed offices and courthouses.

Have you seen these suspicious characters? Report them to NOLA authorities immediately.
A TPI Public Service Announcement.

6 Responses to “Show Me the Money!”

  1. Yes, it would, because you’ll notice how the Mayor’s NOT in the picture taken with these other ‘persons of interest’ IN New Orleans.

  2. GetALifeAgain says:

    For some reason, those pictures remind me of “Koko the Clown” in the hilarious comedy, “Groove Tube.”

  3. Don’t bring that up. All I can see in my mind is what I thought was an elephant sitting on a park bench. I was so innocent…and SO wrong.

  4. GetALifeAgain says:

    THS, that was serious business. If you remember, it was a “Public Service Message” about V.D.

  5. I stand corrected. The public needs protection regardless of what it does to a gentle few of us.

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