“Show Us the Plan! It’s Not a Talking Point!”

Delicious. Just DELICIOUS.

Where was THIS press corps, like, MONTHS ago?

29 Responses to ““Show Us the Plan! It’s Not a Talking Point!””

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    And why doesn’t anyone ask Carney about Obama completely ignoring the work of his deficit reduction task force?

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Carney really has got the whiney-how-dare-you-question-me-petulant-snappish bit down pat, doesn’t he?

  3. dad29 says:

    He also has the 5-minute monologue-answer down pat!

    Good student.

  4. Rev Dr E Buzz says:

    BO: the Republicans don’t agree with my plan.

    PRESS: Sir, what’s your plan?

    BO: I don’t have one, and the republicans don’t agree with it.

    PRESS: Really?

    BO: Yep.

    PRESS: Ok. They don’t agree with your plan.

    This guy Carney is worse than Baghdad Bob. Incredible…and this is a card-carrying former member of the exalted press…and he’s lying his ass off.

  5. Doesn’t play for me 🙁

  6. RickS says:

    Carney’s thinking, “What the..? This was supposed to be the easiest job in the world. These guys are supposed to be on my side!”

  7. Oh, it plays now, and ZOMG!!

    Snapping, booing, bitching??

    I bet Obama wishes Gibbs was still around.

  8. Jimi says:


    Obama’s plan was cutting $1.5 Trillion over ten years, and some entitlement “Savings,” that nobody seems to know exactly what they are? That’s $150 Billion off of a $1.1 Trillion (at best) deficit! Obama must think we are stupid!

  9. Demo says:

    This guy is kind of a chucklehead.

  10. JeffS says:

    Oh, fer God’s sake! I’d prefer Baghdad Bob in that position. At least we got some laughs from him.

    Carney is an effin’ idiot.

    “You address the nation only so often on prime time.”

    Obama is CONSTANTLY on the boob tube. This is all over the effin’ NEWS. We don’t need his effin’ bully pulpit tactics, we need his effin’ INVOLVEMENT. This is not an effin’ campaign.

    Carney is dancing a jig, and the WH press corps is finally getting the message. Obama is releasing talking points, not a plan.


    God, the level of weapons grade stupidity in that clip is PAINFUL. Ugh.

  11. JeffS says:

    AP at Hot Air is all over this. Heh!

  12. JB says:


  13. Dave E. says:

    Heck, I’d still like to know where that press corps was in 2008.

  14. JeffS says:

    By the way, Ace linked you!

  15. tree hugging sister says:

    Quite cool of him and MUCH appreciated. Welcome, morons!

  16. Stoney Biloba says:

    Sheila McCrae, Chris Carney!

  17. Snake Plizzken says:

    why don’t they ask “What is the URL for the Obama Plan?.” He would be forced to answer “There isn’t one.”

  18. KingShamus says:

    Jay Carney is much like his boss: a scrawny metrosexual man-child with much to be humble about.

  19. beeterkleenger says:

    Mr. Claire Shipman looks like an unattractive James Spader. If there were any justice in the world, his nose would’ve grown to the back of the room.

  20. Grass Mud Horse says:

    What a freaking tool- “you know how it works… we can’t actually stake out a position, people might object to it.”

    Doublespeaking nonsensical eejit- just like his master.

  21. Drew says:

    He’s sticking with his, “…if you put forward a proposal then it becomes politicized and is harder to pass.” How can you pass something that doesn’t exist??? These people are crazy!

  22. Jim - PRS says:

    “Heck, I’d still like to know where that press corps was in 2008.”

    The press “corpse” was in Wasilla writing blockbuster stories about Sarah Palin’s tanning bed.

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  24. IllinoisJoe says:

    Carney says first: “You address the nation only so often on prime time.”
    Then he immediately says:
    “The president has been out here with an unbelievable amount of regularity”

    In the immortal words of Johnny Storm: Huh?

  25. nightfly says:

    Well, Illinois Joe – you know how important it is to be regular.

  26. JeffS says:

    We don’t need the political equivalent of a bran muffin, ‘fly.

  27. nightfly says:

    Sorry, JeffS. It’s just that the regularity of Teh One’s speeching bears an eerie resemblance to the results of a round of Dulcolax – both in content and shelf life.

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