Sh*tting With The Stars

Our buddy Gunslinger passed this on to me:

MALIBU, Calif. – Just whose waste is fouling the most star-studded stretch of the Southern California coast? Los Angeles County officials intend to find out, and if the evidence leads back to the toilets of some of Hollywood’s rich and famous, the sewage could really hit the fan. “This is going to get messy,” predicts Mark Pestrella, the public works official assigned to the project.
…Malibu, whose spectacular seaside cliffs, canyons and beaches have attracted numerous environmentally minded celebrities over the years, including Sting and Tom Hanks, was incorporated in 1991 specifically to stop construction of a sewer line. There are an estimated 2,400 septic tanks in this city of multimillion-dollar homes strung along 25 miles of coast.
Malibu residents fiercely guard their privacy and their right to use septic tanks, and many deny their septic systems are the source of dangerous ocean bacteria levels that rise sharply after heavy rains.

Those Hollywood stars are so full of it I’m not really surprised that some is leaking into the ocean. Will they rename the town Malipoo?
These are, of course, the same people who fly all over the globe in their private jets so they can scold us about our energy consumption.

2 Responses to “Sh*tting With The Stars”

  1. Steve says:

    Don’t worry, Hollywood types’ poo doesn’t stink, and it probably doesn’t have e.coli in it either.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    But Steve, if you pronounce it “Eh koh-lee” then it sounds French and high class, so they’ll be all over it.
    In a sense.

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