Since I Was Up Anyway

…being completely unbiased (and considering my earlier excoriation of Newsweek today) I thought I’d give the MSM ~ ohhhhh, let’s say ~ one last chance to put “Harry” instead of “Foley” somewhere ~ anywhere ~ on their home page. (And I will admit to monitoring the situation the whole live-long day. In the interest of fairness. And the fact that I don’t want to be accused of being a stalker. Or text messenger. Or anything unseemly. Ick.)
Okay. So. There I was, after reading Hugh Hewitt’s incredible round-up, but thinking his tagline ~ “The Harry Reid story looks very, very bad for the Democrats’ number one senator.” ~ was only wishful thinking, because you can’t LOOK “bad” if no one’s “LOOKING“. Bravo for Mr. Hewitt that he found CNN on the story because my favorite fishin’ hole had nuffin’ on Reid (Screen shot of the MSNBC home page at 2137 CST.) but had at least four Foley related links, along with the obligatory “the economy SUCKS” headlines.
As much as I’d like to believe that this is a well informed electorate and that if there’s any dirt in Washington, we’ll see it fly by in our media…::sigh::… I don’t listen to conservative talk radio, we’ve been watching World News Tonight since 1981 (Fox News makes my teeth gnash), I get the NYT every Sunday, our local fishwrap every day and NPR is the only station programmed in that very fancy car stereo. But I have my online rounds to make and flags go up when something’s one place…and not in another. An agenda, perhaps? I start to wonder and I pick it apart ~ go looking for more. Sometimes finding less and THAT’S a story, too. But your average Joe just knows what he’s fed from the MSM trough ~ “If something was happening, we woulda heard about it…” No, Joe. Not anymore you wouldn’t.
When Newsweek sounds like Paul Begala on Crossfire or Kos on any given day, hey! Whaddaya do?
No, seriously! Whaddaya do? We’re all singing to the choir here, pretty much.
So how do you/we/us get Harry Reid…to Joe?
UPDATE: Joe won’t be reading about Reid on MSNBC so far this morning. 0740 CST 13 Oct ~ one Foley, one Abramoff, one Overseer of Pages and no Harry. At all.
More Dirty Harry Ditties at Michelle Malkin’s.

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