Since we seem to be talking China here…

this seems interesting.

3 Responses to “Since we seem to be talking China here…”

  1. Much food for thought there!

  2. The Real JeffS says:

    Very interesting indeed, Crusader! I’ve read about China’s economic woes, and this dovetails nicely into that.
    Once (not if, IMHO) China’s economy collapses, The Dear Leadership is in deep doo doo. The Chinese people like prosperity, and won’t take it kindly when things tanks. And if there’s anything the Chinese Communist Party understands, its revolutions.

  3. Nobrainer says:

    Stephen Green at Vodkapundit had a similar post last week. ( At this point, I just can’t imagine China being too intent on taking any actions that might convince us to stop buying all their cheap goods.
    To echo TRJ, I hope the real loser in this affair is the communist party.

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