SINK Her Redux

Remember in the Oriskany post below, where I was cranky about slide rule types saying ‘trust us’ with John providing the Greek Chorus in the background? No warm fuzzies left, since the goobs with the slide rulers are these guys:

A section of Lee Roy Selmon Expressway collapsed near 50th Street.

Still at issue is whether URS probed deep enough under the piers to design the supports for different soil types. The authority and URS will attempt to resolve the issue during mediation in August.

That was only a year ago. Your tax dollars at work.
Swill Salute to: Mr. Bill

6 Responses to “SINK Her Redux”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    I never trust anybody with a slide rule. It proves they’re living in the past.

  2. Crusader says:

    You just won’t be happy until that bit of history has fish swimming thru it, will you. 8^P

  3. The Real JeffS says:

    Hey, at home, I have a slide ruler! And an HP48 calculator. The latest desktop and laptop computers. And a fully functional Tandy 100 portable computer, with a whopping 2KB of RAM, and a 3 line x 40 character LCD. And let’s not forget my pre-computer drafting set sitting around somewhere.
    It’s not that I’m living in the past. It’s just that those are cool thingamajigs, that’s all.

  4. John says:

    Yeah, Ken. When some terrorist drops a huge EMF pulse-bomb over California, you’re going to be in trouble when you want to find a logarithm.

  5. The Real JeffS says:

    Well, if he wants one after all the computers are fried, Ken will have to bribe me appropriately!

  6. I’m an abacus person myself, or one of those cool click clack bead boards the Japanese use when they’re figuring your bill. (John’ll know what I’m talking about, since the name escapes me.)
    And yes. The sooner that eyesore, however historic, meets Davy Jones’ locker, the happier I’ll be. Part of the reason is emotional. After the hit we took with Ivan, the whole place STILL looks like shit, especially downtown. Crumbled buildings, facades ripped to shreds, trees knocked over and, at the port where it’s moored, the big asphalt tanks have only insulation chunks left on the outside. To add a hulk the dominates the skyline to the mix is insult to injury, never mind the fact it could very well destroy what’s left of the waterfront with one big wave.

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