Small Towns Are Good for One Thing, Though

Jacka$$es tell the local paper how they really feel. (In civilization, they might be forced to practice some sort of control.) For instance, the Florida legislature is finally on it’s way to removing the Panhandle’s exemption from wetlands and environmental controls. ALL kudos to JEB ~for President! ~ Bush and House Speaker Allan ~ for U.S. Senator! ~ Bense for jamming this down the collective throat. Our local governments have also won the right to enforce their stricter regulations where they bump up against the state’s weaker ones. (There aren’t many of them, thus the impetus for legislative action.) Of course, local builders are pissed and expressing themselves.

“It’s absolutely absurd. What they’re going to do is shut down growth,” said Pensacola home builder Dan Gilmore, who is a past president of the state Home Builders Association. “We’re a $48 billion industry in this state, and they’re treating us like a red-headed stepchild.

Oh, well, there you go! ‘We spend so damn much money here, how dare you people question us?’ Jacka$$. That’s precisely why we do. His other objection?

Gilmore said local governments in the Panhandle had no experience enforcing the stricter standards.

And if it was up to him and his bricky bungalow buddies, they never would.
I think they’re going about this the right way, with the exception of not implementing the rules until 2008. But that’ll give them local rube officials ’nuff time to hit and comprehend the regulations, bein’ so stupid and backwoods and not beholden to them what pays the bills, right, Jethro?
(I can’t wait ’til the rumble starts over expanding South Florida’s tougher wind damage construction mandates to the Panhandle ~ the builders are against that as well. What’s gonna happen if we finally get a hurricane?)

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