Snoop Dog Working For ‘The Man’

I’m serious, yo!

Lucky and Flo, Malaysia’s latest weapons in tackling rampant music and movie piracy, started work at the country’s biggest international airport Tuesday, sniffing out shipments for fake optical discs.
The two black Labradors are on loan for a month from the Motion Picture Association of America, which says its members — including top Hollywood studios Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and Universal — lost $1.2 billion to Asia-Pacific movie pirates in 2006.
It is the first time dogs have been used by authorities anywhere around the world to detect contraband discs, said Mike Ellis, regional director for the MPAA.
It took around nine months and $17,000 to train the dogs to detect polycarbonates, chemicals used in the disc manufacturing process, he added.
Although the dogs cannot tell the difference between real and pirated discs, they can detect if DVDs are hidden among shipments signed off as a consignment of something else.

BeauBeau’d be like…

“Argh, evil doer! Tried to sneak pirates and DVDs by me, did ya? Think you’d….OOOO! COOKIE!

They need to have back-up Scotties as enforcers. Notice how, in this documentary film still, they work as a team ~ driving and then surrounding their prey…

…before they finish it off. They’re like little raptors.

3 Responses to “Snoop Dog Working For ‘The Man’”

  1. Yo yo yo!
    No, I don’t know what it means either. It’s something the kids say.

  2. That last pic reminds me… After my mom died, we were going through her pictures. We found a series of pictures of her (now our) dog Bridget. At some point, I intend to post these pictures on ‘Pints but I have to locate them again first. But here is a description of them (in proper order), Kyle being the ranch hand’s son:
    1) Bridget with Kyle and a red wagon with two rabbits in it,
    2) Another similar with Bridget looking toward the wagon, two rabbits in the wagon,
    3) Similar, but Bridget with her forepaws up on the side of the wagon,
    4) Bridget next to the wagon, but only one rabbit in it.
    Swear to Xenu, that’s what they were.

  3. DirtCrashr says:

    on loan for a month from the Motion Picture Association of America, How can they possibly find DVD’s when their noses have been all coked-up and ruined?

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