So All Those “SUCCESS STORIES” Lined Up Behind Jug Ears at His Press Conference Today?

Kinda like his signature legislation and damn near everything out of his pie-hole ~ a big, fat fraud.

At the White House: Obamacare success stories that aren’t

President Obama invited a number of people to stand behind him as he delivered his speech on the state of Obamacare at the White House Monday morning. One of them, Janice Baker, a small business owner from Delaware, introduced the president, and Obama spoke of Baker and the others gathered there as people who have benefited from Obamacare. But after reading the White House-provided descriptions of each of those behind the president, it’s clear the administration was stretching to present people who, beyond supporting Obamacare, have actually gained from it in any tangible way.

For example, a Pennsylvania man named Malik Hassan was in the group, and this is the White House description of his situation, in full:

Malik Hassan works at a restaurant in Philadelphia. Hassan, who does not receive coverage through his employer, is looking forward to enrolling for health coverage this fall. He recently used to process his application and is waiting for the options for potential plans in Philadelphia.

So, Hassan is employed, not covered, and has not yet succeeded in finding coverage through Obamacare. That is, in the White House’s estimation, an Obamacare success story.

Then there is Nathaniel Hojnacki, who recently finished his schooling. Here is the White House description of his situation, again in full:

Nathaniel Hojnacki recently received his Master’s degree at Johns Hopkins University SAIS and is in an employment situation without benefits. Hojnacki recognizes the importance of coverage and is planning to enroll after he explores his coverage options on the DC exchange.

So, Hojnacki has a job, does not have coverage, and is planning to explore finding coverage through Obamacare. Another success story.

Then there is LaJuanna Russell, of Virginia. Here is the White House description of her situation, in its entirety:

LaJuanna Russell is the owner of Business Management Associates, a consulting company in Alexandria, Virginia. Russell says she is proud to offer her employees health insurance but that it can be difficult for a small business. Russell believes that the ACA provides stability for her and her employees and is exploring what new coverage options will be available to her company under the exchanges.

So, Russell owns a business, has employees, and believes Obamacare might help her in the future. Another success story.

There’s a couple out of the 13 folks profiled who have been “helped”, but “success“?




6 Responses to “So All Those “SUCCESS STORIES” Lined Up Behind Jug Ears at His Press Conference Today?”

  1. Julie says:

    (Silently holds protest sign that says “CLAUDE FOR PRESIDENT”.)

  2. leelu says:

    This is a consequence of handing out participation trophies to every “contestant”. Nobody really wins, and everyone loses!

    And what Julie said!

  3. Gunslinger says:

    Fake success stories for a fake healthcare program from a fake Presidency.

    Claude 2016

  4. Syd B. says:

    Found onTwitter:

    Philip Klein @philipaklein
    Can’t make this up. Got through 800-number, followed prompts, and got referred to .
    12:11 PM – 21 Oct 2013

    …and did you see what happened to that poor girl when the POTUS had a chile fart?

  5. JeffS says:

    I missed that, Syd. Any videos yet?

  6. Syd B. says:

    Here’s the CNN video. Please excuse the opening ad.

    The more I watch this, the more I’m convinced that the whole thing was staged. I think Obama simply turned around too early. Watch the girl standing beside the fainter. (The nudger) At 0:0 seconds nudger appears to be looking at the fainter
    From 0:3 seconds to 9 seconds – who is she looking at nodding yes/no like an MLB pitcher taking a signal from a catcher.
    At 0:6 seconds the fainter is looking at the same spot
    0:10 looks at fainter
    0:18 nudger looks back at the catcher & nods, fainter is also looking
    0:24 nudges fainter
    0:25 fainter looks at nudger “I know my cue”
    0:27 the man behind fainter moves too early to catch her but she isn’t falling yet
    and Obama (with eyes in the back of his head) turns around, both a bit too early. How the hell does he know what is going on behind him? Reflection on the teleprompter?

    Why does Obama then say “I gotcha” and “You’re OK” to the audience instead of the fainter. How does he know she’s OK?
    0:48 awkward pause since no one is clapping for me…….

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