So, Captain Kickasstic and His Super Economic, Terrible Turbotax Timmah Team

…take to tongue lashing the airwaves at 1 p.m. eastern.

Any fatalistic guesses who we blame this go ’round?

Okay, belay that. Any takers on odds of someone new making the blame list?

How’s that for “freshening up the pot”?


Santelli has a few words about Obama’s leadership style.

UPDATE: Well, damn near 1:40 by my sundial and somebody’s STILL in hiding. Judging by his douchey henchman’s appearance on “Face the Nation”, I guess a theme will be:

“The dead American servicemen would have blamed the Tea Party, too.”

They make me PUKE.

UPDATE: That ugly, unpresidential piece of (ten minutes of my life I can’t get back) political posturing and mewling, driveling excuse making was an unparalleled disaster.

I hope never to see anything like in my lifetime again. But we’ve got how long left with Doucheboy in office?

Oh. My. God. The desperation meter is gonna ratchet up like nobody’s business after this.

UPDATE: Not normally a Rush fan, but he puts all Obama’s “Blame Diaries” together in one read here. Makes the whiney baby who showed up late to the podium seem even more pitiful, if that’s possible.

How could that be possible?

6 Responses to “So, Captain Kickasstic and His Super Economic, Terrible Turbotax Timmah Team”

  1. major dad says:

    In no particular order; Bush, Tea party, corporate jet owners, oil companies, Bush, Wall Street and Bush. Who else is he going to blame, himself? That’ll happen.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Santelli’s right.

  3. JeffS says:

    The lefties in general, and Obama in particular, have effed up this entire country since they took control of Congress in 2006.

    (And I include Obama in all of this, given that he was in the Senate back then.)

    But they won’t admit to failure; narcissists and corrupocrats never do, and that’s pretty much what we have on their side. The few surviving voices of reason and integrity over there are quiet in pure self-preservation.

    Me, I’m in agreement with Santelli; the TEA Party is putting the brakes on a run away government. I just hope we are not too little, too late.

  4. major dad says:

    Santelli was fired up! He’s right to, politicians cannot save a dime, it’s spend, spend and more spend. Their idea of a draconiam cut is reducing the amount of an increase by 10%.

  5. Gunslinger says:

    Obama might as well just record himself throwing blame around once and just replay the recording periodically. It’s not as though he says anything different.

  6. Dr Alice says:

    I drove down from the East Bay to L.A. this morning (was visiting my brother over the weekend) and Rush kept me company most of the way. As my six year old nephew would say, he was en fuego today. Absolutely ripped Obama from stem to stern.

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