So Far, No Carrot or Stick in Evidence

The Japanese wasted no time ~

Japan, considered the country most vulnerable to a North Korean missile attack, reacted swiftly on Wednesday. Abe Shinzo, chief cabinet secretary, held an emergency press conference at 6am local time at which he lodged “a stern protest” and expressed regret at the tests, saying Japan would respond accordingly.
After an emergency Cabinet meeting in the morning, Tokyo imposed a number of sanctions in response to the tests. It banned a North Korea trading boat from entering its waters for six months and cancelled all chartered flights between the two countries. It also barred all North Korea officials from entering Japan.
Tokyo is also likely to press for a UN Security Council resolution against Pyongyang on the grounds that the tests violate international agreements, including the so-called Pyongyang Declaration signed with Japan in 2002.
It may also take unilateral action, including imposing economic sanctions, Japanese officials said. Preparatory legislation for sanctions against Pyongyang have already been passed.

…as a matter of fact, they were ahead of the curve. The Russians are upset (for the moment), too…

The Russian foreign ministry also condemned the launches and the Interfax news agency quoted a Russian general saying that as many as 10 missiles were launched, with two falling into Russian waters.

South Korean students have momentarily stopped throwing anti-American Molotov cocktails…

But if Kim Jong-il’s irascible regime was hoping to force the Bush administration, in particular, to give into its demands to drop financial sanctions and to negotiate on its own terms, it is almost certain to have gravely failed.
Not only has Pyongyang incensed Washington and Tokyo, both of whom have threatened a strong response including new sanctions, it has managed to alienate its usually appeasing brother in Seoul, which vowed to cut off shipments of rice and fertiliser.

…because they might just need us after all and the Chinese have just been shown to be IMpotent vice omNIpotent.

Furthermore, it has embarrassed its biggest supporter and chief benefactor, Beijing. The tests have called into question China’s authority as the chair of the six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme and its influence over Pyongyang.
This has proven that China can’t really do anything to restrain North Korea’s behaviour,” said a senior government official in Seoul.

What to do with a mad dog who bites every hand that feeds it? I would lay dollars to donuts that there are Chinese and Russian teams working on the Elvis problem right now. (If they’re not in Pyong Yang already.)
Others may find the flubbed test comforting and argue their lack of missile accuity gives us breathing room…

Missile experts on Wednesday declared Pyongyang’s first long-range missile test a failure after the Taepodong-2 crashed within a minute of being launched, and said this should give both North Korea’s neighbours and the US cause for comfort.

…but you learn from your mistakes and, when you can launch up to ten at one shot, there can be a heck of a learning curve.

But Mr Wolfsthal of CSIS [Centre for Strategic and International Studies] warned that every new test would teach North Korea scientists a lesson and would give them the opportunity to improve.
He was also surprised by the extent of the testing, as North Korea launched the Taepodong-2 along with five short-range Nodong or Scud missiles from two sites, suggesting Pyongyang was trying to confound US efforts to gather intelligence from the launch.
“They have also demonstrated that they are not restricted to performing one test at a time but can carry out co-ordinated missile launches. In a war situation, that would be something that would concern us,” Mr Wolfsthal said.

Damn. There goes my post title. In Europe, NATO and the EU are mad

In an unusually swift and strongly worded response, NATO said North Korea’s development and use of ballistic missiles “pose a serious threat to the region and to the international community at large. We regret and condemn this launch.”

…enough for strong words. But not mad enough to give up groveling.

NATO and the EU urged North Korea to return to six-nation talks involving South Korea, Japan, China, Russia and the United States. The 25-nation EU has said it stands ready to offer North Korea more aid if needed to help seal a deal on disarmament on the Korean peninsula.

The Chamberlain Syndrome is alive and well.

9 Responses to “So Far, No Carrot or Stick in Evidence”

  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t read anything about this because everytime I see the word Pyongyang, I always think it says “Poontang” and then I giggle.
    Foreign policy is DIRRTY.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Hmm, there would be a lot of support among the troops to invade Poontang, I imagine…

  3. Not that they haven’t tried already…

  4. John says:

    Yeah, but this would be a long-term occupation.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    Not at my age.

  6. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Nuts! Messed up the link. Oh, well, I think that Mr. Bingley is up to it, and will handle the matter.

  7. Cindermutha says:

    I was thinking the same thing about China wanting to “do something” about their renegade butt puppet. After the furor dies down, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ding Dong Il suddenly (and mysteriously) stopped his oxygen consumption.

  8. Carola says:

    I was thinking the same thing about China wanting to “do something” about their renegade butt puppet. After the furor dies down, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ding Dong Il suddenly (and mysteriously) stopped his oxygen consumption.

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