So, I Read This

…on Drudge yesterday morning

Senators Plan to Revive Immigration Bill

…which, in the oddest coincidence, is also the day I got my RNC survey. So I filled it out.

8 Responses to “So, I Read This”

  1. nightfly says:

    Heheheheheh. The Spider actually dropped the (R) from his voter’s registration because of the general squishiness of the marshmallows…
    What did you underline and double-exclam about one-third down the page?

  2. That reads:

    Do you support the election of Republican candidates across the country and the rebuilding of our majorities over the next ten years? *Yes *No *Undecided

    That would be an emphatic ‘undecided’. As for locally, hell NO I won’t support a certain Republican candidate ~ Mel the Mushroom is MY Senator, I’m ashamed to say.

  3. Oh! And the line on the envelope say:

    By using your own first class stamp to return this envelope, you will be helping us save much needed funds. __ Thank you.

    I noted that I would be glad to forward them the 41 cents when they kill the amnesty bill. Until then, I’ll use their postage.

  4. AND, by the by, if YOU didn’t get one, they say it’s because they don’t have the moolah to ask EVERY registered Republican what they think.
    I’m thinking the TRUTHER is they don’t WANT to, considering what they’d hear. Since I worked for the campaign last go ’round, they probably figured I was a safe bet. Wasted THAT poastage, n’est pas?

  5. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Dang, I won’t get one of those! Both because I am officially an independent AND I changed my mail address recently. So I can’t apply my trusted Sharpie to their blegs.
    At least, not for a while, until they dig up my new address. While I’m not a registered Republican, I have donated to the RNC in the past….but I stopped doing soon after the 2006 elections, and those cretins acted like nothing had gone wrong.
    But well said, Sis! Well said!

  6. Gunslinger says:

    That is truly a loud and clear message, ths! Bravo!
    *hoists a pint*

  7. memomachine says:

    I got one of those but I still haven’t sent it in because I’m really struggling with myself right now.
    I **really** want to use that in the lavatory for … you know … but that’ll probably get me trouble.
    Sigh. I guess all I can do is what you did. But I’d really like to send them a sample of some “end product” because that’s how I feel they’re treating me and the rest of the country.

  8. emdfl says:

    You shoulda wrapped it around a brick before yoou sent it back.

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