So Is ‘IMMIGRANT’ the New

…’French Youth‘?

3 Immigrants Killed in Texas SUV Crash
SAN ANTONIO (AP) – A sport utility vehicle packed with at least 19 suspected illegal immigrants crashed after a high-speed chase with authorities, killing three immigrants and sending 12 others to hospitals.

2 Responses to “So Is ‘IMMIGRANT’ the New”

  1. Susanna says:

    I live here in San Antonio and I am pretty sure those immigrants were from a foreign country due south of Texas… the Sacred and Mythical Land of El Dorado, seen in the recent DreamWorks production “The Road To El Dorado!”
    Am so pleased they were able to avail themselves of our emergency services, Level One Trauma centers, and so forth. Feel very hospitable.
    (question: did the SUV cause this crash? please advise)

  2. (I’ll have my man get back to you on that. We’re exploring our ‘options’.)

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