So It’s the Middle of the Night: They Climb Through Your Window, Haul You Both Out of Bed and Shoot BOTH Your Dogs (Killing One),

…because someone IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD HAD A GUN and you had an overturned bucket beneath a window with what looked like a footprint on it.

No warrant, by the way ~ just a friendly drop-in visit.

Escambia County deputies climbed through the window of a Warrington couple’s home in search of a suspect, despite having no search warrant, and shot two dogs, one of which died.

Cristina Moses, 32, and her fiance, Travis Nicholas, 22, on Tuesday recounted what they said was a horrific scene that included one of about a half-dozen deputies shooting the dogs in the couple’s bedroom after awakening the couple at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday and dragging them to the hallway.

…A sheriff’s news release stated that deputies believed that a suspect in an armed disturbance earlier in the evening on the couple’s street, Flynn Drive near Corry Station, frequented the home where Moses and Nicholas lived.

Several witnesses reported a man toting a gun and threatening people during the evening, according to an incident report. One witness reported the man’s name as Travis.

Nicholas denied that he either had a gun or made any threats.

While checking the perimeter of the home, deputies found an upside-down bucket with a footprint on it beneath an open window, indicating a possible unlawful entry into the home, the release says.

“Repeated attempts were made to get someone to open the door, with no success,” the release states.

Deputies entered the house through the open window in an effort to locate the suspect and to assure the safety of the occupants.

…But the couple, who said they were sleeping in their bedroom with a closed door at the time, did not hear anything until their dogs began barking at the sound of the deputies.

I opened the door and there were six police officers pointing guns at me and flashlights, saying ‘Show me your hands. Get on the ground,’ ” Moses said Tuesday.

In that neighborhood, I doubt ANYONE answers pounding on the door after dark, DUH ~ unless they’re armed.

On its face, THIS is pretty unforgivable and it’s just a MIRACLE one of those kids didn’t have a pistol, and try to use it protecting themselves from this home invasion. As for them killing your dogs, I am ABOUT UP TO MY EYEBALLS with that. Terrified our security people will have to call police or fire for a glitch and I lose Beau because of some p-word, shoot-the-puppy, adrenaline pumped, “in-fear-of-my-life” excuse.

According to the update in today’s paper, for the first time EVER, our Sheriff is still MUM.

Perhaps because his penchant for getting out in front of officer-involved ANYTHING might have bitten him in the the tookus JUST LAST WEEK, speaking of “in-fear-of-my-life“:

Unarmed Fla. man shot by deputies in driveway

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A pair of Florida Panhandle deputies shot and wounded an unarmed man in his driveway over the weekend.

Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said during a news conference Monday that two deputies responded to a 911 call about a possible burglary early Saturday morning and found Roy Middleton, 60, searching through the car. The deputies reported that they told Middleton to show his hands multiple times, but he eventually lunged out of the car and spun toward them. Fearing for their safety, the deputies opened fire, hitting Middleton in the leg.

…Middleton has said he was searching his mother’s Lincoln Town Car for a loose cigarette when the deputies approached. When he backed out of the vehicle, he had his car keys in his hand with a metal flashlight attached.

Middleton’s mother, 77-year-old Ceola Walker, had been sleeping but awoke to disturbance outside the home.

“I heard the shots,” Walker said. “(The deputies) told me to close the door and not come out. They called an ambulance for him.”

Middleton suffered broken bones in his left thigh that will require a metal rod. Walker expects her son to be out of the hospital later this week.

Family members told the Pensacola News-Journal ( that they’ve found 17 shell casings around the driveway, along with bullet holes in the car.

(There’s LOTS on THIS ugly, UGLY mess here.)

7 Responses to “So It’s the Middle of the Night: They Climb Through Your Window, Haul You Both Out of Bed and Shoot BOTH Your Dogs (Killing One),”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    I hope those folks own the county in court.

  2. Skyler says:

    We need some serious police reform in this country.

  3. nightfly says:

    And yet our self-appointed betters in the media insist that it’s armed citizens that encourage Wild West behavior.

  4. Ebola says:

    You know, if Florida nuts up and adds a law like the one Indiana put in these idiots will be a good bit more hesitant to come barging into someone’s home.

  5. Skyler says:

    Ebola, the Indiana law I think you’re referring to made it illegal to resist even an illegal arrest. That doesn’t seem helpful.

    It’s been common law for about a thousand years that unlawful arrests can be resisted, but that’s a very tricky thing to do.

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  7. Michael Lonie says:

    Armed men breaking into and entering a home. Breaking and entering, assault and battery, killing a dog. Those cops should swing.

    As for the other, cops commit assault and battery, they too should swing. Further punishment for being such lousy shots.

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