So, The Present’s on Air Force One and It Does a Go-Round

BFD, right? Apparently so, since Lisa Stark, then Tapper reported it and now it’s on Drudge.


However. The comments are another thing entirely.

To help our Fearless Leader regain maintain his ever-too-cool-for-words composure during his short, additional time in the air, I dedicate this fearless flying music to today’s Air Force One outing.

Highway to the danger zone, dude.

3 Responses to “So, The Present’s on Air Force One and It Does a Go-Round”

  1. Dave E. says:

    It was another gutsy call from Obama.

    Did you see where it says the press on board didn’t even notice it? How clueless do you have to be to miss that the 747 you are on just did a go around?

  2. JeffS says:



    “another ploy to try for sympathy in order to boost numbers”


    “When this story broke,

    46% of America was excited
    43% of America was concerned
    11% of Americans was undecided”


    “Obama was obviously distracted and forgot to part the clouds. Either that or the teleprompter wasn’t ready to land and vetoed the whole thing”

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Well, when you have your head so far up someone else’s ASS, you do tend to miss little details, Dave. I’d have to ASSume that’s the explanation.

    Worth the price of admission, weren’t they, Jeff? Holy CRAP, no love lost ANYWHERE in those suckers. HILARIOUS!

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