So They’re Getting This PetitionTogether

…but, sign it though you may, I doubt it has any impact. Those people are nuts and nuts LOVE it when you call them nuts. (Ask any Ronulan or, better yet, just mention RON PAUL in a post and see how long it takes for the trees to shake.)

The city manager was directed to send a letter to the U.S. Marine Corps saying they are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” in the city.“

F*ckin’ despicable NUTS.
The one thing in the petition (I was wondering about myself the other day) was going at Berkley from the federal level. Dollars-wise. That might be doable, n’est pas? If someone in the driver’s seat chose to actually pursue it.

… For the Berkeley City Council to blame the Marines for the laws passed by Congress, or to condemn them because their members fight in a war that some choose to oppose is a grave miscarriage of justice. It implies that the Marines can choose which laws they follow, or which wars they fight in. It implies that the Marines are not beholden to the very Constitution that they swore to defend.
Furthermore, the Berkeley City Council’s desire to prevent the Marines from speaking to young people about their mission within Berkeley’s city limits while simultaneously giving anti-Marine protesters preferential treatment implies that the City Council is comfortable with its youth receiving information from only one side of the debate. This position insults both the Marines, many of whom are veterans of the current war and are able to provide a perspective interested people should be free to hear, and Berkeley’s youth, who are apparently judged by the City Council to be too incompetent to form their own intelligent opinion about the armed forces and the responsibilities, risks and rewards that go with military service.
As American citizens and veterans of all branches of the armed services, we voice our steadfast opposition to the Berkeley City Council’s despicable actions. In protest, we announce that we refuse to conduct any business within the Berkeley city limits, or patronize any company which has its headquarters within Berkeley. We call upon the U.S. Congress and the California State Legislature to suspend all federal and state payments that go to support any activity conducted by the Berkeley City Council until such time as the Council chooses to rescind its anti-Marine resolutions.

Considering how the local media is portraying Marine supporters, I doubt the quiet language of the petition will even be heard.

…- the Bay Area’s CBS-TV affiliate, KPIX, painted quite disparate pictures of the leaders of the organizations involved.

…..ANN NOTARANGELO, KPIX : Do you think you could ever sit across, with a cup of coffee, and talk with somebody from Code Pink?
[Move America Forward’s] MORGAN: No. Never, ever would I ever speak to any of those individuals other than the most disparaging manner possible.

This came moments after Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin was shown saying:

I feel sorry for that level of aggression that they have. I’ve tried to dialogue with them. I’ve tried to invite them into our house.

Code Pink just wants to share a cup o’ tea.

“That’s my son!”

“He’s gonna die, lady.”

…”They don’t kill babies, you lying piece of shit.”

11 Responses to “So They’re Getting This PetitionTogether”

  1. mojo says:

    Meh. It’s Berzerkeley.
    Fuck ’em, and the horse they rode in on.

  2. Ebola says:

    Thus proving why the American public is incapable of sustaining any war, be it legitimate or otherwise (let’s face the facts, after the first skirmish, its just become legitimate; whatever the initial reasons). Why the hell the masses capitulate to the few is fucking beyond me. Is it some judeo-christian thing? The not-quite-so-meek-but-entirely-to-pussy-to-do-anything-but-protest will inherit the country? Fuck these pinko troglodytes and their piss ass facade of morality simply because they’ve “read” a book. They’re quick to stab everyone, including each other in the back for an extra dollar, so…what?….

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    It’s not a Judeo-Christian thing, Ebola, it’s narcissism and apathy resulting, ironically, from a successful society built on the blood and sweat of the same sort of people they despise. People who don’t earn something, but are given it on a platter, tend to treat such a valuable gift as a common plastic trinket to be abused and discarded, and even hated.
    Such people have no sense of personal worth, or of accomplishment for the sake of accomplishment. They feel that they have to be recognized as being unique and important to the world, and they attempt this by lashing out at the very same system that supports them.
    This attitude seems to be most common in western civilization (which are largely Judeo-Christian), but it’s present today in any society where there has been several generations of surplus wealth and no real hardships. Check out some of the oil rich countries around the world, where the revenues go towards supporting the population in comfort…..and there are strong movements against the governments, and not always for “freedom”.
    Not one of the Berkley jerks has any idea of what it’s like to go hungry, be cold, or scared s**tless of evil men. Not one, for all that they posture about being oppressed. They live in a country of plenty, so much that we send it overseas as a gift (and I am referring to PRIVATE DONATIONS, not foreign aid, less any cretins try to read this the wrong way).
    If those Berkley jerks truly understood the crap that they spew, they would not spit on one group of people who have and continue to fight for the Berkley idiots to have the freedom of speech to disrespect them.

  4. NJ Sue says:

    I’ve often thought but could never so well express what you wrote above.

  5. I’m the author of the petition you cite. I think it is absolutely fitting to use a common tactic of the left to oppose the shenanigans of the left. My view is the only reason the Berkeley City Council does stuff like this in the first place is because they think that they can do so without consequence. Yet targeting the Marines is grossly unfair, (even leaving aside the debate over whether the war or gays in the military are good things or not). The Marines don’t set national policy; the Congress and the President do.
    Furthermore, why is a city council even involving itself in federal issues that aren’t germane to its role? Whether the US should be at war or not is not a pertinent issue for any city council. Imagine if the scenario was reversed and the Berkeley City Council supported the war. That’s all fine and dandy, but what makes a city council’s foreign policy wishes worthy of any special consideration, even if one is in complete agreement with them? Where I live, it’s not like I’ve ever considered the foreign policy views of the people I vote to represent me in local government when I head to the polls.
    I say the only reason the Berkeley City Council passed its resolutions is because they are the totally irrelevant expressions of totally impotent people (people I might add seem utterly unfamiliar that this nation is governed under a Federal Constitution).
    If I may be so bold, I think that the intention of the petition signers is to call them (and the people who elect them) on it.

  6. Skyler says:

    The whacko left never fails to astound me with the levels they will descend to.

  7. Gunslinger says:

    From the front lines…

    It’s not pretty.

  8. Gunslinger says:

    But read it to the end nonetheless.

  9. The_Real_JeffS says:

    The end is the best part, Gunslinger. The moonbat feces gets washed down the drain by the Marines. Annoying, I’m sure, but surely an act consistent with their cleaning up messes all around the world.

  10. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Thanks, NJ Sue. I but wrote what I believe.

  11. nightfly says:

    It’s magnificent, JeffS. Best comment I’ve read in a dog’s age.

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