Some Interesting Stats “55 and Laid Off”-wise

Many older workers who get laid off face a tough time replacing their salary, and Michael in California is wondering just what is happening to workers who lose their jobs as they near retirement.
…There’s no question that some people in their 50s and early 60s who are laid off from high-paying jobs can have an extremely tough time finding a new job at the same salary. This is especially true for those who’ve worked for the same company or industry for their entire careers — and have built up experience, wisdom or a full Rolodex of contacts that may not translate to a new company or industry.
…Still, it’s clear that many older workers are finding good jobs — especially as more and more baby boomers say they plan to stay in the workforce past the traditional retirement age of 65. Though big companies in older, mature industries may be making big layoffs — and getting the big headlines when they do — the overall U.S. job pool keeps expanding at a healthy clip. Since 2003, some 7 million more new jobs have been created than old jobs were lost. But “GM lays off 1,000” is news; “Advanced Bionetics hires three new workers” isn’t.
…“Older workers more and more are in much higher demand,” said John Challenger, whose company helps laid-off workers find new jobs. While “certainly (age) discrimination hasn’t disappeared,” he said, “for those who want to work the market is opening up to them.”

At least there’s a home page link on MSNBC. Once you get past Harold Ford’s picture, that is.

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