Some More Good News From Iraq (sorry Arthur)

MPs and Medics make us all proud during and ambush on a convoy. It’s all about training and discipline in a firefight. Well done guys!
(Thanks to Real JeffS for the link)

One Response to “Some More Good News From Iraq (sorry Arthur)”

  1. We saw Martha Raditz do the report on World News Tonight. They had a wonderful computer program to show how they threw their vehicles in the line of fire to protect the convoy and the description of action. And, as Major Dad just added “…got to watch the video tape from the guy who got whacked!” (Note to insurgents: never videotape your own ass-kickin’.) The wildest moment was this little girl going ‘I shot the first guy…’ and another girl said ‘I emptied my first magazine…’ Those MP’s did an outSTANDing job and the Marines in this house send a hearty oo-RAH out to them!

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