Some People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

And I’m not sure if that refers to the folks who made these for us LOTR fans:
or Crusader who found them…

17 Responses to “Some People Have Too Much Time On Their Hands”

  1. Somehow, I Like This Version Better

  2. Crusader says:

    What can I say….

  3. Ipse Dixit says:


    Some of Boromir’s lesser-known “contributions” to the Fellowship…. <Thanks for the heads-up, Tanya>…

  4. THAT was hilarious!!

  5. Tributaries says:

    LOTR has been Pw3nd!

    By way of Mr. Bingley at Coalition of the Swilling, I bring you more gratuitous Tolkien parody (you know I can’t resist this stuff!!) :

  6. Nightfly says:

    Holy cow. My sides hurt.

  7. And Now For Something Completely Different

    Good Lord. Pedophilic NAMBLA members, child killers, the Schiavo case.

  8. Now You Know says:

    Boromir Parodies! For Lord of the Rings Fans.

    Some enterprising (but very warped and twisted) soul has come up with some Lord of the Rings funny parodies as .gif files. The first two have to do with Boromir, a man with a plan to use a catapult.

  9. What About a Catapult?

    First, swallow anything in your mouth, then go look at some great LOTR parodies. (hat tip: The Smallest Minority)…

  10. Bwahahahahahaha! ROTFLMAO!

    Thanks to the Smallest Minority, I now have very sore ribs! This is tooooooo funny! –

  11. James says:

    First two… awesome. Tears. Literally, tears. I have to show my wife.

  12. TigerHawk says:

    What about a catapult?

    There were, of course, unexplored options for getting the One Ring into Morder.

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  14. Musings v5.4.1

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  15. Saturday funnies

    You WILL go here and watch the LOTR clips. Hat tip Tanya….

  16. LOTR

    If you like the Lord of the Rings (you’d better!), then look at these, they’re frickin’ hilarious…funniest things ever!

  17. Bill Peschel says:

    ‘what about a catapult?’

    If you already recognize this line, you don’t have to go over to “The Coalition of the Swilling” to check out these frame gifs that parody “Lord of the Rings.”

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