Somebody’s a Uniter

‘Cause lots of people all seem to have the same idea, which is causing other people “problems”. Happy problems.

Outgunned! Sturm Ruger Says it Can’t Keep Up with Orders, Shares Surge

Shares of Sturm Ruger & Co. (RGR: 47.93, +5.63, +13.31%) soared as much as 9% on Thursday after the gun maker said first-quarter orders were so strong the company is temporarily suspending new orders.

The Southport, Conn., company said it received orders for more than one million units in the first three months of 2012.

The shares were up $3.29, or 7.8%, at $45.59 in Thursday trading.

CEO Michael O. Fifer said in a statement late Wednesday that retailer programs initiated by the company were successful in attracting orders from larger gun retailers and independent wholesale distributors.

Despite the company’s continuing successful efforts to increase production rates, the incoming order rate exceeds our capacity to rapidly fulfill these orders. Consequently, the company has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new orders,” Fifer said in the statement.

Sturm Ruger hopes to be accepting orders again by the end of May, the company said.

Shares of the company’s rival gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ:SWHC) have risen in sympathy, surging more than 12% to a 5-year high…

9 Responses to “Somebody’s a Uniter”

  1. major dad says:

    Better stock up on ammo too…

  2. JeffS says:

    Don’t forget food, medicine, and bartering material as well. Vienna Sausage may fetch high prices in the not-so-far future.

  3. Skyler says:

    That’s amazing that they cut off new orders. You know they are hating losing that business. But putting out a press release is fantastic advertising.

  4. leelu says:

    …why is this happening??

    Obie says everything gonna be OK…

    Oh. Nevermind.

  5. Yojimbo says:

    Yeah, Obama is more than willing to take care of all of you gun purchases for you.

  6. Ebola says:

    Glad I got my SR-22 before that. lol

  7. Kathy Kinsley says:

    GRIN. Big Grin. Nothing to say other than that.
    Except to second Major Dad’s advice…

  8. Greg Newson says:

    At least the US still manufactures something.If the
    Democrats have their way, guns will cost 50 thousand a piece and only the rich,and
    probably foreign -born investors can own them, to protect themselves from the illegals they sneak in to work for their companies at lower wages than Americans;and use our schools and public benefits,while the rich bastard holes money away in Switzerland.

  9. Michael Lonie says:

    Well, we finally found a part of the economy that Obama managed to stimulate with his policies.

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