Someone Needs to Rethink Her Mantra…

“I’ll give up Miracle Whip when HELL freezes over!!”-Florida Cracker,fermented cat piss afficionado

…because it would seem it has.

Weather Officials: Snowflakes Spotted In Central Florida
…”This is weird. This is not why we moved to Central Florida. We thought we left this behind,” said Orlando resident Sandy Pastor.

I know who you can blame, Mr. Pastor.

9 Responses to “Someone Needs to Rethink Her Mantra…”

  1. Donnah says:

    You’ve gone too far now. Insulting me without providing a link is beyond the pale.

  2. BWAHHHHH-hahahahahaha!!!! STEALTHY!
    (Actually, I wish I could take credit for that parTICular feat of derring do, but MT gets most of the credit. As well as most of two other posts today. I quit.)

  3. Is Al Gore anywhere around?????

  4. Donnah says:

    Sister, I want to know right here and now what kind of dressing you’re cooking for Thanksgiving.

  5. (He and Cracker be hanging homies, Sharon. See how cranky she’s gotten?)
    And it’s NOT dressing, my cornbread friend ~ it’s STUFFING.

  6. Lisa says:

    The last time I went to FL for Christmas, it was colder in FL than it was in AR. If it’s that way this year, I’m hurtin’ some people.
    Global warming, my ass.

  7. Cindermutha says:

    I saw the alleged snowflakes with my own eyes. I heard a rattling noise, looked out to see if it was frozen rain, and saw these white things floating down amongst the rain drops.
    It was downright Christmasy.

  8. That 1 Guy says:

    I’m pissed that I missed it. An hour and a half north, and they get snow. Not fair.
    And Happy Thanksgiving to the Coalition and their Family!

  9. Kathy K says:

    There’s a hell in Norway that freezes over quite often….
    Otoh, I like Miracle Whip for salady things and mayo for sandwiches – so you’ve got an agnostic here…

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